Sunday, 27 October 2013

9th Avenue Bistro,
Avonmore Centre
9th Avenue

Morningside, Durban


As we parked the car,I didn't expect this restaurant to really wow me. Situated in a dingy corner behind a shopping center in Morningside, Durban, it was no wonder that I was not convinced, nor stunned-it simply looked like your average "take-away-place" or one of those "off-the-cuff good ones" your friends always boast about, except it was. There is no sarcasm here for when you enter this oasis of ambiance and simplicity, visions of fine dining spring to mind, and that my people is why I live, and the reality of good food is still very much alive here and there are no subtle false innuendos's. This is real. This is gourmet. We sat down to our pre-booked table and were elegantly introduced to 9th Avenue with an award winning wine list. Where do we start? I am unfortunately no Sommelier so the choice of wine was chosen by my better counterparts who did know what they were talking about, we hope. The choice was excellent- if I remember correctly it was "Eagles Nest Merlot" and the subtle undertones of Oak were imminent, just in time to tease our tasters and allow for us to be awed by what was about to happen our mouths of course. The choice on the Feature menu was vast, too hard to choose. I never have a problem when choosing what to have for dinner, it is usually fish that tickles me, for it is the hardest dish to "get-right", it can all go hopelessly wrong if not careful. I didn't choose fish and opted for lamb. I am not a lamb fan and it is usually last on my list, but I wanted convincing and converting. "I'll have the lamb shoulder please"- Whoah! Cooked to perfection, perfectly positioned and prominent, I took my first bite and it was heaven-scent. Served with fennel and potato bake, parsnip puree with mint, almond, lamb tongue jus and black vinegar-I could not fault this dish. It exceeded my expectation.My taste buds were left wanting more,tantalized and full of sensationalism. The lamb was tender and faultless, the portion just right. I could go on about my serving all night, but I would not want to destroy it for you. The service and food were stupendous and I commend the chef and the owners for making a wonderful evening worth remembering...Thank you.

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