Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fairview Wine Estate

Its Summer in Cape Town, and it is always customary to spend a little time in the winelands, I say a little because you can get very carried away with the different wine varietals. Franschhoek, an overture of choice, is definitely a "must-see."

Having pit-stopped at Spier, which is very much on the Stellenbosch route, first, I couldn't be more excited to explore my next venture, Fairview. "Goats-do-Roam" is very much the truth here, because all of what they suggest goats. The "Goatshed Restaurant is excellent" and being so in love with cheese and food in general I was in complete admiration.

I ordered a bottle of their Riesling, priced really reasonably at only R45 a bottle. It had to be done, this was not up for discussion. Taintless with my Trout duo, it was a conqueror! Not to mention the cheese- board so eloquently placed before us. What was really cordial, was that you had the option to choose ten cheeses of our choice, great! Back to the duo of trout, one pan-fried, the other smoked was gastronomical as a whole, served with quinoa it paired wonderfully.

The Cape Winelands offer an array of gourmet restaurants, but let me tell you that I was overjoyed with Fairview and my whole experience was certainly one to boast about. Fairview is not just a wine farm, the Goat-Shed, not just another restaurant, except it is an experience, that painted a canvas of memory.

Take me back to yester-year! I am in wanderlust.