Friday, 24 May 2013

Breakfast at Blos!

We gathered a table of hungry breakfast-goers and made our way to Blos,something that never fails to satisfy some rather hungry bellies. For those of you unaware of Blos, its is a little bristro-type restaurant that boasts excellence, well almost.Set in Pretoria, hidden among lush greens and hidden corners,its a mystery well found.

Breakfasts are Blos' thing, and finding a table is tricky if you havn't pre-booked. Menus are intriguing with titles for breakfast like 'Morning Glory', 'Power Petals' and my best yet: 'In fine feathers'. To say the least I felt rather confused with what to choose, for the titles could very well be just as they suggest. Thankfully enough, there were well-written descriptions to fit each title,and nasty visuals were put at bay.

Its a funny thing really, when I go into a restaurant, any restaurant I find myself ogling at the decor, judging the service, perusing the menu and anticipating the ambiance. I do not do this deliberately, it just so happens. I guess because I am a foodie, its totally acceptable.

Order eggs, they will be done to perfection. Your coffee will be frothy, not too hot. And if you're lucky, which of course you are, you'll be treated to a small ball of deliciousness- a chocolate brownie-truffle-like biscuit, as accompaniment. Yum.

 The presentation is not what I would have expected for a breakfast bizarre, soup spoons loaded with butter are no presentation ploy for me, but I'm a judge mentalist, it could very well be your thing. The service is great, something which South Africa all too often lacks.

The outside garden is a must for Spring mornings and sunny days, but be sure to get a table, oh wait I have mentioned that already.

It's almost faultless, give it a go!

Enjoy x x

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